Candida Connolly

Indische Melodien

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para: Saxofón alto (mi bemol)

Partitura, CD de playback

Nº de artículo139149
Autor/CompositorCandida Connolly
Idiomasalemán, inglés, francés
Alcance60 Páginas; 23 × 30 cm
Año de lanzamiento2005
Editorial/fabricanteSchott Music
N.º del fabricanteED 12733
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This book presents Indian music in staff notation in order to enable a practical experience of playing Indian music.Candida Connolly presents a collection of exercises and first songs that the Carnatic student learns, followed by rhythmic compositions and studies which build patterns in the division of the beat at different speeds. The compositions which follow are used in concerts as the central part of a raga presentation. The Tillana and Thiruppugal are pieces played at the end of a concert.The pieces are played on the CD by Kadri Gopalnath, offering a unique insight into the South Indian approach to melody on the saxophone. Additional tracks, with the clarinet, demonstrate the Hindustani approach using a similar instrument. The saxophone has yet to be adapted to this styles.With this musical experiment comes an engagement with a rich and ancient culture of beauty and values that both support and enrich those of the west.- Broaden your musical horizons with this exciting collection of authentic Indian melodies- Learn to play traditional tunes with the flamboyant Kadri Gopalnath on the CD- Practical performance notes for teachers and students- Full explanation of intricate ornaments- An insight to the secrets of Indian music


  • ​Danksagung
  • ​Vorwort
  • ​Ziel dieses Buches
  • ​Einführung in die indische Musik
  • ​Lernstrukturen
  • ​Das Saxophon in der indischen Musik
  • ​Texterklärung


  • ​Karnatische Musik
  • ​Erste Übungen (Sarali Varisai, Janta Varisai, Alankara)
  • ​Erste Lieder (Sri Gananatha, Padmanabha, Vara Vina, Mandare)
  • ​Rhythmisches Lied (Svarajati)
  • ​Studie (Mohana Varnam, Abhogi Varnam)
  • ​Stücke (Gaja Mukhanai, Kalaivani, Sara Sara, Suddha Maye, Devadeva, Nagumomu)
  • ​Tanzstück (Tillana, Tiruppugal)


  • ​Vergleich von Modi und Ragas
  • ​Tala-Handzeichen (südindischer Adi-Tala, nordindischer Teen-Tal)
  • ​Glossar
  • ​CD-Titelverzeichnis