Mary Cohen

Superduets 2

Fantastic violin duets for well-established beginners

para: 2 violines

Partitura general de conjunto

Nº de artículo247083
Autor/CompositorMary Cohen
Alcance16 Páginas; 23 × 31 cm
Año de lanzamiento1998
Editorial/fabricanteFaber Music
N.º del fabricanteISBN 0-571-56994-3
9,95 €
En stock. Plazo de envío: 1–2 días laborables (Alemania )
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Mary Cohen's acclaimed Superseries for violin - including the superb Superstart tutors, Superstudies,Superpieces and various other first-class technique books - has transformed modern violin teachingmethods while bringing huge amounts of enjoyment to countless student violinists.

Superduets 1 and 2 provide a wonderful new repertoire of original and entertaining duets for beginner violinists.

Superduets 1 can be started as soon as pupils have mastered the basics of picking up the violin and bow, know which string is which and can read simple staff notation. Superduets 2 is designed for well-established beginners who can play the one octave scales of D and G major.

Encouraging rhythmic confidence and listening skills, and exploring a wide range of techniques, sound effects and movements, Mary Cohen's Superduets are tailor-made for players at the very earliest stages of learning.

These delightful pieces serve as a unique introduction to the joys of social music-making - an activity your pupils will enjoy for the rest of their lives!


  • Professor Peg-Box
  • Signor Pizzicato
  • Major Marvel
  • Gabriella's Octopus
  • Mrs Andantino
  • Mister Misterioso
  • Captain Fortissimo and his fire crew
  • General Pause
  • Doctor Canon
  • Mister Misterioso
  • Signorina Ritardando
  • Professor Peg-Box