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Frédéric Chopin (18101849)


MaterialPartitura (Urtext)
Nº de artículo464269
Autor/CompositorFrédéric Chopin
EditorNorbert Müllemann, Hermann Keller
Alcance88 Páginas; 23,5 × 31 cm
Año de lanzamiento2007
Editorial/fabricanteHenle Verlag
N.º del fabricanteHN 882


Fréderic Chopin’s stay with George Sand on Mallorca in the winter 1838/1839 was ill-fated. Yet Chopin still managed to finish his “Préludes” there which he had begun to compose in Paris. Today’s interpreter not only has to deal with numerous variant readings but also with corrupt performance traditions.

The “Préludes” are the first edition to be completed in our comprehensive Chopin revisions; the editor has taken the latest scholarly findings into account and in the musical text brings to light “established” variants as well as others which are to be found in the sources. And there is another first here, too: the printed volume contains a shorter critical report – the extensive version with all the details can be downloaded on the Internet.


  • Prelude C major op. 28,1
  • Prelude a minor op. 28,2
  • Prelude G major op. 28,3
  • Prelude e minor op. 28,4
  • Prelude D major op. 28,5
  • Prelude b minor op. 28,6
  • Prelude A major op. 28,7
  • Prelude f sharp minor op. 28,8
  • Prelude E major op. 28,9
  • Prelude c sharp minor op. 28,10
  • Prelude B major op. 28,11
  • Prelude g sharp minor op. 28,12
  • Prelude F sharp major op. 28,13
  • Prelude e flat minor op. 28,14
  • Prelude (Raindrop) D flat major op. 28,15
  • Prelude b flat minor op. 28,16
  • Prelude A flat major op. 28,17
  • Prelude f minor op. 28,18
  • Prelude E flat major op. 28,19
  • Prelude c minor op. 28,20
  • Prelude B flat major op. 28,21
  • Prelude g minor op. 28,22
  • Prelude F major op. 28,23
  • Prelude d minor op. 28,24
  • Prelude c sharp minor op. 45
  • Prelude A flat major KK IVb,7
  • Appendix:
  • Prelude no. 3 early version
  • Prelude no. 17 early version
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