Michael Cavendish (aprox.15651628), Richard Edwards (15251566), William Holborne y otros.

Madrigals by Michael Cavendish, Thomas Greaves, William Holborne and Richard Edwards

The English Madrigalists 36

para: Coro de voces mixtas a cappella

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Nº de artículo272055
Autor/CompositorMichael Cavendish, Richard Edwards, William Holborne, Thomas Greaves
EditorEdmund Fellowes, Thurston Dart
Editorial/fabricanteStainer & Bell
N.º del fabricanteEM36
41,75 €
Plazo de envío: 1–2 semanas aprox.
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  • Come, gentle swains (SSATB)
  • Every bush new springing (SSATB)
  • Faustina hath the fairer face (SSATB)
  • In flower of April springing (SSATB)
  • Much it delighted (SAA (or T) TB)
  • To former joy (SSATB)
  • Wandering in this place (SATTB)
  • Zephyrus brings the time (SSATB)

EDWARDS, Richard

  • In going to my naked bed (SATB)


  • Come away, sweet love (SSATB)

  • England, receive the rightful King (SSATB)

  • Lady, the melting crystal (SSATB)

  • Let dread of pain (SSATB)

  • Long have the shepherds (SSATB)

  • Man first created was (SSATB)

  • O that a drop (SSATB)

  • So hate of sin (SSATB)

  • Sweet nymphs, that trip along (SSATB)

  • When I behold (SSATB)

  • Who keeps in compass his desires (TrSATB)

  • Woe where such hate (SSATB)

  • HOLBORNE, William

  • Change then, for lo she changeth (SST (or A))

  • Gush forth, my tears (SST (or A))

  • Here rest, my thoughts (SSA)

  • Since Bonny-boots was dead (SSA)

  • Sit still and stir not (SSA)

  • Sweet, I grant (SSA)