Jacques Castérède (19262014)

Théorie de la Musique

para: Voz [instrumento melódico]

Libro didáctico (con partituras)

Nº de artículo550621
Autor/CompositorJacques Castérède
N.º del fabricanteGB6163
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Plazo de envío: 2–3 días laborables (Alemania )
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One will obviously find in this Music Theory all the information that appears in every complete music theory on notation, time and rhythm, intervals, tonality, etc,. but here, every chapter is followed by a commentary entitled 'Pour en savoir plus' (To know more), explaining the historical or technical reasons that resulted in the rules and habits that are current in western music.

A large appendix treats subjects that a traditional theory generally does not deal with, such as Gregorian notation, mediaeval modality or new techniques and signs that appeared in the 20th century: diatonic and chromatic modality, dodecaphonic serial technique, aleatoric music, special notations, guitar figuring in jazz...

The whole is illustrated with numerous examples borrowed from classical or contemporary composers.