John Cage (19121992)

Concert for Piano and Orchestra

Anweisungen für den Dirigenten

para: Piano, orquesta


Nº de artículo372648
Autor/CompositorJohn Cage
Alcance3 Páginas; 20,5 × 28,7 cm
Año de creación1958
Año de lanzamiento2002
Editorial/fabricanteC. F. Peters
N.º del fabricanteEP 6705N


Any number of the following performers: solo pf - 1(picc, a-fl).0.1.1(bar-sax) - -str (3 vln, 2 vla, vc, db) 63 pages to be played, in whole or in part, in any sequence; 84 'types' of composition are involved. To be performed, in whole or in part, in any duration, with any number of the above performers as a solo, chamber ensemble, symphony, concert for piano and orchestra, aria, etc. (See also ARIA, SOLO FOR VOICE 1,2, FONTANA MIX, WBAI).