John Bertalot (* 1931)

Teaching Adults to Sight-Sing

John Bertalot - Teaching Adults to Sight-Sing
MaterialLibro didáctico (con partituras)
№ de artículo457071
Autor / CompositorJohn Bertalot
Alcance80 Páginas
Editorial / fabricanteKevin Mayhew
N.º del fabricanteKM 1450316


Teaching Adults to Sight-Sing is full of sound practical advice, teaching tips and words of wisdom for choir directors. As well as general advice and helpful suggestions, there are 32 short productive sessions of immediately practical ideas which can take only 15 minutes each. All of your singers will acquire a new piece of practical knowledge at every session, and in time they will acquire the valuable gift of being able to sing music at first sight.


  • ​What sight-singing is, and is not
  • ​The essence of teaching sight-singing - How to start
  • ​Pulse
  • ​Musical notation
  • ​A short history of notation (I) Before AD 1000
  • ​A short history of notation (II) After AD 1000
  • ​A short history of notation (III) To the present
  • ​A short history of notation (IV) How vocal parts got their names
  • ​A short history of notation (V) How clefs were invented
  • ​A short history of notation (VI) How accidentals evolved
  • ​Useful time names
  • ​Writing simple rhythms
  • ​Clapping simple rhythms
  • ​Clapping and counting
  • ​Putting theory into practice
  • ​Four-beat notes, bar lines and time signatures
  • ​Looking at words and music
  • ​Rests
  • ​Dotted notes
  • ​Learning new music by clapping rhythm
  • ​Looking at the pitch of notes
  • ​Pitching notes using warm-ups
  • ​Clapping quavers
  • ​Warm-ups using quavers
  • ​Key signatures
  • ​Intervals: the third
  • ​Flat keys
  • ​Intervals: the fourth, fifth, sixth and octave
  • ​Slurs, tied and dotted crotchets
  • ​Minim beats
  • ​Compound time
  • ​Syncopation
  • ​Starting off the beat
  • ​Rehearsal techniques
  • ​Coda
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