Benjamin Bergmann

Fit in 15 Minutes

Warm-ups and Essential Exercises for Violin

para: Violín

Libro didáctico (con partituras)

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Autor/CompositorBenjamin Bergmann
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Año de lanzamiento2016
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Fit in 15 Minutes is intended for occasional players who are very short of time and want to maintain and improve their violin technique in a concentrated and effective quarter of an hour. They can also be used at the beginning of a longer practice or rehearsal session.As the technical precondition of beginners and professional violinists vary, each exercise is offered in three levels of progressive complexity:· Level 1: Exercises for beginners · Level 2: Exercises for advanced players· Level 3: Exercises for tertiary students and professionalsThe division in three levels provides didactic transparency. It is not meant to create boundaries, but serves as a stimulation to identify correlations, to polish basics or to conquer new technical challenges.


  • Bow changes
  • The two-note-exercise
  • Shifts of same distance
  • String crossing at the frog and the tip
  • Extension exercise
  • The five-note-exercise
  • The four-note-exercise
  • Shifts of increasing distance
  • Scales and arpeggios
  • Double stops
  • Left-hand pizzicato
  • Vibrato exercise