Pierre-Yves Artaud (*1946)

A propos de pédagogie

100 questions groupées en 10 chapitres pour aider les professeurs débutants (flutistes plus particulièrement)
Psycho-pédagogie musicale et instrumentale – Formation musicale

para: Flauta


Nº de artículo337863
Autor/CompositorPierre-Yves Artaud
N.º del fabricanteGB 6028
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Plazo de envío: 2–3 días laborables (Alemania )
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From the outset, young teachers find themselves confronted with heavy responsibilities: taking charge of a class of several dozen students of different levels and ages, working within a pedagogical team, integrating into an administration that has sometimes become unwieldy, and naturally having to guide each student for several years to the blossoming of his or her technique and personality.

It was indispensable that a book help them find answers or advice for calmly facing the first years of teaching. Although, for everything that concerns instrumental technique, this book is intended more specifically for flautists, it is also useful for young teachers through the general advice that is lavished here with the help of two eminent specialists.

Text in French.