Medieval and Renaissance Music for Flute (Book and CD)

Book and CD

for: Flute

Music score, Playback-CD

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ArrangerJessica Walsh
Scope46 pages; 22,5 x 30,3 cm
Publisher/ProducerADG Publications
Producer No.ADG 057
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Come play music written by kings and clowns, Ladies and lawyers, dance masters, doctors, and troubadours. Welcome to the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Creativity flourished throughout the times that produced writers, Artists, and scientists such as Dante, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, da Vinci, and Galileo. That inventiveness is evident in the imaginative and eloquent music in this collection.

Among the melodies are a Portuguese troubadour’s “Song for a Friend” written almost 800 years ago, John Dowland’s “Midnight”, silenced from the mid-1600's until the discovery of Margaret Board’s Lute Book in 1970, and a beautiful and haunting song written by a Scottish Lady. There are over 40 tunes in this beautiful collection.


  • Come Yards
  • The Dream of Arren
  • Branle & Branle Gay
  • Lamento di Tristano
  • La Rotta
  • Italiana
  • Volta
  • Spagnoletta
  • A merry Ronde
  • Tordion
  • Christ has risen
  • Saltarello
  • Carmen Vernale
  • Fayne would I wed
  • Will You walk the Woods so wild
  • Royal Estampie no.2
  • Shall I come sweet Love to Thee
  • Ungaresca
  • Sellenger's Sound
  • Haulberroys
  • My Lady Hunston's Allmande
  • Mr.Dowland's Midnight
  • One Yeir begins one other ends
  • Packington's Pound
  • The Market Truants
  • Voulez-vous que je vous chante
  • The English hunts up
  • Allemande
  • Bobbing Joe
  • Bianco Fiore
  • Reis glorios
  • Da que deus mamo
  • Whip my Toudie
  • Bransle Charlotte
  • Lilt Ladie Ann Gordon
  • Meet me by the Willow
  • Mandad'ey Comigo
  • Almaine
  • Chirping of the Nightingale
  • Como o demo cofonder
  • Finale