Kees Vlak (19382014)

Halloween Night

A Mystic Story for Band

for: Concert band

Score, conductor's part, orchestral parts

Item no.677286
Author/ComposerKees Vlak
Dimensions21 × 29.5 cm
Duration9:37 minutes
Publisher/ProducerMusikverlag RUNDEL
Producer No.MVSR 2520
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HALLOWEEN will take place on the night of 31 October for All Saints' Day on 1 November. The name HALLOWEEN, derived from the English expression "All Hallows Eve", from eve (evening = eve) and hallow ("saint"). Because of its connection to All Saints' Day, HALLOWEEN was previously only celebrated in Catholic areas of the British Isles, especially in Ireland. Because of the many Irish emigrants the custom came to the USA. There it developed into an important folk festival and came back to Europe - strongly commercialized and often changed. Typical symbols for HALLOWEEN today include the pumpkin ghost Jack-O-Lantern, demons, witches with pointed hats, black cats, gnomes, dwarves, vampires and much more. The hollowed pumpkin, converted into a lantern, is considered synonymous with HALLOWEEN in the USA. According to a legend, Jack O., the blacksmith known as Raufbold und Trinker, made a pact with the devil. The devil promised Jack that if he sold him his soul, he would become the best blacksmith in the country for seven years. Jack agreed and hung a hollowed pumpkin illuminated from the inside at the entrance to his forge as a sign of his newly acquired skills. As in many such legends and stories, it came to a bad end with Jack. His punishment was to travel the world with his "Jack-O-Lantern" for all time.

The composition HALLOWEEN NIGHT by Kees Vlak tells a story at a castle in Ireland. In the remaining ruins it rumbles out of the dark, deep cellars. Grey fumes and mists pass through the corridors and chambers filled with cobwebs and dust. An old broken music box suddenly runs again and plays Irish ways. The wind rushes through the ruin and suddenly the spirits appear. Musically the "Mephisto-Walzer" starts here after a short introduction, capricious, not always in ¾ time and very tense. The skeletons in spun-weaved robes float dancing through the rooms and multiply all the time. Suddenly the church tower strikes one o'clock. During the dark night the ghosts spread the illuminated pumpkins all over the country. "Jack-O-Lantern" appears with his entourage, gnomes, witches, demons and many others and celebrates a lavish party. A giant riot is organized until it suddenly becomes completely quiet and a monk's song sounds from a distant monastery. The church tower beats four o'clock. The creepy company around "Jack-O-Lantern" slowly retreats back to the old ruin. The church tower beats five o'clock. It will be day soon and the spook ends.

The solo instrument synthesizer (keyboard) plays an important role in the HALLOWEEN NIGHT and is especially responsible for the atmosphere and special effects.