Peteris Vasks (b.1946)

Toccata (1977)

für zwei Klaviere
Edition Schott

for: 2 pianos

Item no.147197
Author/ComposerPeteris Vasks
Scope23 pages
Release year2004
Publisher/ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 9578
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The two pianos introduce the bass motif one after another. Every new entry brings an increase in tempo. Only when they play together, though, is the real 'Vivace unleashed. From then on, it is only in the 'largamente' sections and a lyrical middle section (cantabile) that the racing bass figure pauses for a while. The motif weaves its way through the course of the 'Toccata' like a 'perpetuum mobile', bringing ever more complex layering to the structure of the movement. The Latvian composer Peteris Vasks has described himself as a 'musician from the periphery' on account of his geographical and cultural background. His music full of emotional rigour continues to bring him towards the centre of contemporary composition, as is evident in his instrumental chamber works.