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“Play the trumpet... it’s magical.” Richard Gere, American Actor & Producer

Mr Gere is absolutely right! Browse our sheet music, tuition books and scores, and explore the magic of the trumpet today!

Popular Works & Famous Trumpeters

The best known solo works for trumpet have, for many years, been the Trumpet Concerto by Joseph Haydn and the Trumpet Concerto by Johann Nepomuk Hummel. But the Trumpet Concerto by Alexander Arutunian has recently joined these two great works, and is often played with either orchestra or piano accompaniment.

The world’s most famous solo trumpeter is popularly believed to be Maurice André, who has taken the trumpet to a whole new level worldwide, as a classical solo instrument. But who doesn’t know the legendary trumpeters from the jazz era, such as Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Dizzy Gillespie? And there are also some who can play both classical and jazz: Wynton Marsalis is an excellent example, who proves to budding young trumpeters, that you can have it all!

The trumpet shall sound!