The Church Year – Sheet Music & Scores

“There are different kinds of service, but the same Lord.” 1 Corinthians 12:5

It’s not just birthdays we celebrate annually! Important events keep coming back year after year, in many forms, so that we can honour and appreciate them, and it is no wonder that religious festivals hold an important place in our calendars. Browse our sheet music and scores, we have music for all festive occasions, and click here to find out more about the church year.

Unlike the calendar year, the church year begins with Advent, and ends with what the Catholic Church calls Christ the King, and the Protestant Church calls Eternity Sunday, the Sunday before Advent. Religious festivals mirror nature: in the dark season of winter, Christ comes as a light into the world, in the spring, Easter celebrates the victory of life over death, and as autumn unfolds, the church commemorates transience and death.

Individual feast days, and days of remembrance are celebrated each year, including for Mary Mother of God, the Apostles, the Evangelists and the Saints, and events such as New Year and Thanksgiving, as well as the Festival of our Lord Jesus Christ. In recent years, some Sundays have been devoted to more familiar, secular topics, such as Family and World Mission. Festivals in the Reformed Churches differ slightly from those in the Catholic Church, they also assign "non-festive" Sundays, and they feature the "Wochenlied", the Main Song, or Song of the Week, which has a similar function to a traditional Anthem in other religious services.

Music for the Church Year