Christmas – Sheet Music & Scores

Christmas is widely deemed the most popular of the three church high festivals, which also include Easter and Pentecost. The fact that it was scheduled for the 25th of December may well be connected to the feast of Sol Invictus, the unconquered Roman sun god, which has now been rather over-shadowed by Christmas, and the birth of Christ is also symbolises the rising star and the symbolism of light


The music for the Christmas circle, which also includes the preparation time for Advent, varies greatly from region to region. Apart from the traditional English Christmas Carols South American songs are gaining more and more fans in recent times.

There are a number of separate genres in this area: Smaller ensembles perform the nativity story in specially arranged ensembles. Also, there are Christmas oratorios, Christmas cantatas or Christmas concerts. All common styles are represented, Christmas jazz as well as pop and modern Christmas songs.

Of course, the music for church services has many Christmas masses in its repertoire, and Epiphanies or songs to St. Nicholas are sung at special festivities during the Christmas season. And there are also many special Christmas songs for children, nativity scenes or Christmas stories.

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