Suzuki Recorder School 6

Includes pieces for either alto or soprano recorder
Recorder Part

for: Descant (soprano) recorder [treble recorder]; piano ad lib.

Music lesson book

Item no.686305
EditorShin'ichi Suzuki
Scope20 pages; 21 × 30 cm
Release year2008
Publisher/ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.ALF0030392
10.95 €
Delivery time approx. 2 weeks.
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The Suzuki Method® of Talent Education is based on Dr. Shinichi Suzuki's view that every child is born with ability, and that people are the product of their environment. According to Dr. Suzuki, a world-renowned violinist and teacher, the greatest joy an adult can know comes from developing a child's potential so he/she can express all that is harmonious and best in human beings. Students are taught using the "mother-tongue" approach.


  • Adagio, from Sonata in C Major, Op. 1, No. 2 (Francesco Barsanti)
  • When Daphne the Most Beautiful Maiden (Doen Daphne d'over schoone Maeght) (Jacob van Eyck)
  • Grave, from Concerto in F Major (Antonio Vivaldi)
  • Affetuoso, from Sonata in D Minor (Georg Philipp Telemann)
  • Air a L'Italien, from Suite in A Minor (Georg Philipp Telemann)
  • Adagio ma non tanto, from Sonata in F Major, BWV 1035 (Johann Sebastian Bach)
  • Allegro, from Sonata in F Major, BWV 1035 (Johann Sebastian Bach)