Pavel Stanek (b.1927)

Songs from the East End

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The Music of Pavel Stanek

for: Concert band

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Item no.678523
Author/ComposerPavel Stanek
Dimensions21 × 29.5 cm
Duration12 minutes
Release year2000
Publisher/ProducerMusikverlag RUNDEL
Producer No.MVSR 2019
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In his four-movement suite "Songs from the East End", Pavel Stanék makes use of folk songs from his Bohemian-Moravian homeland to put them together in an independent way to create a larger sound painting. The work of Stanék has a tendency towards lush harmony, which gives the music a sumptuous and full character. Delicate chamber music passages and large orchestral tutti give the individual movements lightness and tension. In the first two movements he more or less adheres to the strophic ground plan of the songs. The third and fourth movements, on the other hand, are already a fantasy on the folk songs, rich in motifs, using less common harmonic turns and with colourful orchestra colours.

1st movement: Appasionato The dynamic 3/4 or 6/8 beat full of passion and eastern temperament opens the suite. In between there is a small, quieter part, with soloistic interludes in the high woodwinds.

2nd movement: Moderato maestoso Lively, but calm and sensitive melodies through the different registers, differentiated dynamics and devotional singing at the end, make this movement very touching.

3rd movement: Andante sostenuto Numerous changes of time and unusual harmony quickly make it clear that Stanék is moving away from traditional workmanship in this movement. Nevertheless, the Bohemian-Moravian pathos is clearly evident.

4th movement: Vivace The cheerful, lively Vivace combines traditional with modern sound language and ends the "Songs from the East End".


  • Appasionato
  • Moderato maestoso
  • Andante sostenuto
  • Vivace