Pavel Stanek (b.1927)

Remember Me

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The Music of Pavel Stanek

for: Concert band

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Item no.677278
Author/ComposerPavel Stanek
Dimensions21 × 29.5 cm
Duration4:31 minutes
Release year2006
Publisher/ProducerMusikverlag RUNDEL
Producer No.MVSR 2821
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Since the overwhelming success of the "St. Thomas Chorals", Pavel Stanék has repeatedly been confronted with the desire of many performers to compose a piece of sound comparable to the "St. Thomas Choral". The composer undoubtedly succeeded in doing this with "Remember Me". Less sacred in texture and style than the "St. Thomas Choral", the work is characterized by a melancholy fullness that emanates in an almost infinite melody. Voice leading and harmonic richness almost remind of the music of Richard Wagner or Anton Bruckner. Although the piece is "only" to be attributed to the middle school, the highest demands are placed on the emotionality, but also on the hearing ability of all performers. In order to interpret "Remember Me" in a meaningful way, to make the huge tension arcs dynamically convincing, the work can not only be played through quickly as a recording. This would also not be possible in terms of blowing condition. "Remember Me" is a great way to play fluently with a middle school orchestra and to familiarize amateurs with the possibilities of a deeply felt interpretation. The work will have a similarly impressive success as the "St. Thomas Choral".