John Wesley Schaum

Harmony Lessons 1

Sample score

(Note Speller 3)
Schaum Method Supplement

for: Voice (melody instrument]

Music lesson book

Item no.765955
Author/ComposerJohn Wesley Schaum
Levelvery easy
Scope40 pages
Release year2001
Publisher/ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.ALF00EL00373A
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A practical volume to follow the SCHAUM NOTE SPELLER, Book Two. This is a book that can be used by instrumental and vocal teachers who want their students to know some of the essentials of harmony, but who haven't the time to teach it as a separate subject.

Thus, a piano teacher, for example, can teach harmony in conjunction with the regular piano lesson. At the end of Book II, we have employed harmony in an accompaniment sense rather than in the traditional four-part harmony way. Transposition has been treated both melodically and harmonically.


  • 1 Finding the Tonic
  • 2 Major Scale Review (Sharp Keys)
  • 3 Major Scale Review (Flat Keys)
  • 4 Sequence of Sharp Key Signatures
  • 5 Sequence of Flat Key Signatures
  • 6 Comparison of Key Signatures
  • 7 Enharmonic Keys
  • 8 Major Key Circle of Fifths
  • 9 Major Key Circle of Fourths
  • 10 Scale Number Names
  • 11 Transposing with Scale Degree Numbers
  • 12 Melodic and Harmonic Intervals
  • 13 Intervals of the Major Scale
  • 14 Major and Perfect Intervals
  • 15 Interval WritingLesson
  • 16 Chromatic and Diatonic Half Steps
  • 17 Minor Intervals18 Augmented Intervals
  • 19 Diminished Intervals20 Inversion of Intervals
  • 21 Interval Name Changes with Inversions
  • 22 Triads
  • 23 Triad Analysis
  • 24 More Triad Analysis
  • 25 Four Types of Triads
  • 26 Triad Identification
  • 27 Triads of the Major Scale
  • 28 Major Scale Triad Analysis
  • 29 Schaum Harmony Quiz
  • Reference Page — Major Scales with Scale Degree Numbers