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EditorJulian Rushton, J. P. E. Harper-Scott
Scope328 pages; 17.8 × 24.9 cm
Release year2007
Publisher/ProducerCambridge University Press
Producer No.9780521861991
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  • Preface J P E Harper-Scott and Julian Rushton
  • 1 Elgar and theories of chromaticism Patrick McCreless
  • 2 Elgar and Acworth's Caractacus: the druids, race, and the individual hero Charles Edward McGuire
  • 3 Elgar and the Idyllic: 'By the Wayside' Christopher Mark
  • 4 Unmaking The Music Makers Aidan Thomson
  • 5 Gaudery, romance, and the 'Welsh tune': Introduction and Allegro, Op 47 James Hepokoski
  • 6 Elgar's deconstruction of the belle époque: interlace structures and the Second Symphony J P E Harper-Scott
  • 7 Music in the midst of desolation: structures of mourning in The Spirit of England Daniel M Grimley
  • 8 Japing up the Cello Concerto John Pickard
  • 9 Lost love and unwritten songs: Elgar's Parker cycle, Op 59 Julian Rushton
  • 10 Heroic melancholy: Elgar's inflected diatonicism Matthew Riley