James Rae (b.1957)

Jazz Scale Studies – Saxophone für Saxophon (2006)

for: Saxophone

Item no.445050
Author/ComposerJames Rae
Scope28 pages
Release year2006
Publisher/ProducerUniversal Edition
Producer No.UE 21353
15.95 €
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18 studies written to develop familiarity with the main types of scales and arpeggios in Jazz. More enjoyable than the scales themselves, James Rae has deliberately chosen keys that give a comfortable, user-friendly introduction to the various tonalities. Each section describes a particular type of scale and includes studies based on it. Included are: the major scale, the dorian mode, the mixolydian mode, the minor pentatonic scale, the jazz melodic minor scale, the blues scale, the chromatic scale, the whole tone scale and the diminished scale.
Studies in each of these volumes have been set as an alternative to scales, for all grades, on the Jazz Flute, Jazz Clarinet and Jazz Saxophone syllabuses of the new Trinity Guildhall Examinations 2007.


  • The Whole Truth
  • Breezin'
  • Cutting Edge
  • Diminishing Returns
  • Don't go There!
  • Dorian Dance
  • Good News for Some!
  • Hangin' Out
  • Hard as Nails
  • Mixin' It!
  • Mobile Tones
  • Night Moves
  • No Joke!
  • No New Messages
  • Second Wind
  • Speedbird
  • The Comfort Zone
  • The Whole Truth