Duets for fun: Cellos

Easy pieces to play together

for: 2 cellos

Ensemble score

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EditorElmar Preußer, Peter Mohrs
Scope76 pages; 23 × 30.5 cm
Release year2016
Publisher/ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 13885
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This collection features a wide selection of original works from the Renaissance, Baroque and Modern eras arranged for two cellos. Focusing on easy repertoire Duets for Fun will provide hours of enjoyment for aspiring musicians wishing to discover new material as well as develop their playing.This collection is ideal for use as teaching material, or for playing at home or in a concert with a friend.

This title was previously published as 'Duo-Schatzkiste' (A Treasure Chest of Duos).


  • F. Couperin: Matelotte
  • J.-B. Bréval: 3 Easy Duets
  • J. Haydn: Andante
  • J. Reinagle: Duetto, op. 2/1
  • H. Regner: High Spirits
  • G. Koeppen: Sandpit Rockers
  • L. Amanti: Try to keep this one
  • Anonymous: Polonaise
  • L. Mozart: Trumpet Tune
  • G. Koeppen: Rodeo
  • M. Franck: Galliarda
  • P. Peuerl: Padovan
  • F. Cupis: Duo
  • G.B. Somis: Sonata
  • J. Reinagle: Duetto 9, op. 2/9 (2nd movement, Allegro)
  • J. Offenbach: Allegretto from Duo, op. 49/1
  • G. Koeppen: Pickpocket Rag
  • Anonymous: Gavotte; Gigue
  • G. Koeppen: Slow-Paced Ride; Little Nipper
  • Anonymous: Allegretto
  • V. Rathgeber: Aria
  • G. Koeppen: Let's Boogie
  • J. Reinagle: Grazioso from 12 Cello Duets, op. 2/10
  • J. Reinagle: Duetto 3, op. 2/3 (1st movement, Allegro moderato)
  • J.-B. Bréval: Mosso from Easy Pieces
  • J. Offenbach: Duo, op. 49/2
  • A. Nölck: Study in C major
  • G. Koeppen: Walzer for Anoushka
  • G. Koeppen: School's Out
  • Traditional: Sailor's Hornpipe
  • B. Stiastny: Canon
  • S. Lanzetti: Allegro
  • G. Koeppen: bath Time
  • G. Koeppen: Grandma's Tune
  • G. Koeppen: Irish Tune
  • G. Koeppen: Hopping Dance
  • J. Reinagle: Menuetto
  • D. Gabrielli: Canon à due violoncelli
  • J. Hook: Rondo from Six Easy Duets, op. 58/8
  • A. Nölck: Study in G minor
  • G. Koeppen: Grandma's Gramophone
  • W.A. Mozart: 'Longing for Spring'
  • B. Romberg: Study in G major
  • F.A. Kummer: Study in C major
  • G. Koeppen: Picnic by the Volga River
  • C. Schetky: Duetto in G major, op. 7/2
  • J. Hook: Duetto, op. 58/4