Pop Music from the 60s – Sheet Music & Scores

There is one band who really defined 60s pop music... The Beatles, not only did they dominate the decade, they helped to shape pop music for years to come. And across the pond, the US girl band The Supremes took the decade by storm, with twelve number one hits in the USA.

While the driving force in pop music of the 50s came from the USA, the next wave in the 60s came from Great Britain. The success of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones created a real hype around both pop and rock music. Later The Kinks took up the call, and towards the end of the decade, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd took pop and rock music to a whole new level.

Meanwhile in America, The Beach Boys and The Doors were trail-blazing through the decade, and the evolution of the blues continued through the 60s with Aretha Franklin and James Brown producing a blend of Soul & Pop.

Some more important pop artists of the 60s