Piano Sonatas – Sheet Music & Scores

The word Sonata comes from the Italian "sonare" which means "to sound". One of the most simple, yet complex forms and works, the Piano Sonata has been a hit in living rooms and concert halls alike for hundreds of years. Here in our Stretta-Shop, we have a wide selection of piano sonatas, take a look today!

Sonata form evolved from an early 17th Century binary movement, where the first part is in one key, and the second part is in another key, which then recapitulates, finishing in the original key. Through the 17th & 18th Centuries, it became a ternary movement, with an exposition in one key, a development section is multiple keys, and a recapitulation back to the original key. The Sonata as a complete work varies from a short one movement piece, through to much longer, complex works. Using different themes, styles, tempos and keys, the over all structure of the Sonata has a similar flow to that of Sonata form.

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