Trios for Brass

Musica da camera – For music schools

for: 2 trumpets, trombone [tenor horn] (trio)

Score, Parts

Item no.483729
ArrangerPeter Perenyi
Scope28/12/12/12/12 pages; 23 × 30 cm
Publisher/ProducerEditio Musica Budapest
Producer No.EMB 14624
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The chamber music volume compiled by the well-known wind instrument teacher, Péter Perényi, contains music from every period from medieval music to jazz, including works by Morley, Banchieri, Weelkes, Purcell, Rameau, Händel, Haydn, Mozart and Schubert. (Because of the instrumentation, all the pieces except the contemporary compositions are transcriptions.) A large proportion of them are playable after one or two years’ tuition, the two upper parts can be played on trumpets, and the lowest part on the trombone, tenor horn or baritone horn. (In addition to the score and the two trumpet parts, this publication also includes the lowest part written in the treble clef and one inthe bass clef as well.)


  • Adagio (Corbett)
  • Alle, psalite cum luya
  • Allegro (Pepusch)
  • Allegro (Sammartini)
  • Allegro (Szokolay)
  • Bourrée (Mattheson)
  • Canon (Berton)
  • Canon (Cherubini)
  • Canon (Hering)
  • Canon (Purcell)
  • Canzonetta (Morley)
  • Chor (Rameau)
  • Clown (Szénási)
  • Der Lindenbaum (Schubert)
  • Fanfare (Anders)
  • Fanfare (Huszár)
  • Gavotte (Fischer)
  • Lied (Banchieri)
  • Lied (Regnart)
  • Madrigal (Weelkes)
  • Madrigal (Youll)
  • Marsch (Egressy)
  • Marsch (Faber)
  • Marsch (Händel)
  • Marsch des Froschkönigs (Soós)
  • Menuet (Haydn)
  • Menuet (Händel)
  • Mückentanz (Szénási)
  • Rigaudon (Daquin)
  • Tambourin (Rameau)
  • Trio (aus der Oper Die Zauberflöte) (Mozart)
  • Vivace (Reichardt)
  • prüchlein (Nógrádi)