Lajos Papp (b.1935)

Piano method for beginners

for: Piano

Music lesson book

Item no.461564
Author/ComposerLajos Papp
Levelvery easy
Languagesgerman, english, french
Scope121 pages
Release year2006
Publisher/ProducerHenry Lemoine
Producer No.LEM27732
35.30 €
Delivery time: 2–3 working days (Germany )
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There used to be a time when children, both in the country and in towns, sang a lot. They sang as they played and danced. With the help of this Piano tutor, you can also now play and dance: with your fingers. And you can also sing the many children's songs you'll find in this book: with their words, or with the names of the notes.

With time, you can even - if you've practiced hard enough - sing the songs while accompanying yourselves on the Piano. Therefore you'll find several songs written this way in this book. Imagine your fingers as 'sorcerers' apprentices'! Play the Piano pieces in this book carefully, over and over, and your fingers will learn how to draw themusic from the Piano as if by magic. Don't forget: practice makes perfect. And, with time, your fingers will become magicians.