David Overthrow

Shredding Bass Guitar

Heavy Metal Pyrotechnics Meet the Bass Guitar

for: Bass guitar

Music score (with TABs), Playback-CD

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Author/ComposerDavid Overthrow
Publisher/ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.ALF 43649
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It's time to take center stage to deliver all the pyrotechnics usually associated with six-string guitar shredders! Shredding Bass Guitar takes you there through in-depth lessons on building technique, dexterity, and speed. It shows you how to shred using chords, arpeggios, and scales, and covers heavy metal and funk techniques like tapping, string skipping, and slap & pop. Lessons and examples are in the styles of bass masters Billy Sheehan, Les Claypool, Steve Harris, Victor Wooten, Stanley Clarke, and others. Shredding Bass Guitar provides a fresh perspective on the four-string electric bass and is a must-have for any bassist looking to take their playing to a new level. The accompanying CD features all the examples from the book.


  • In-depth lessons for developing technique, dexterity, and speed
  • For pick-style and fingerstyle players
  • Covers techniques like string skipping, tapping, two-handed tapping, wide-interval skipping, slap & pop, double thumbing, double popping, and more


  • About the Author
  • Acknowledgments
  • Introduction
  • How to Use This Book
  • Warm-Ups
  • Walk Before You Run: Part 1
  • Using Both Fingers
  • Relaxation
  • Wasted Right-Hand Motion
  • Wasted Left-Hand Motion
  • Use Your Fingertips
  • Stay Focused and Be Positive
  • Walk Before You Run: Part 2
  • Right-Hand Warm-Ups Using Eighth Notes
  • Right-Hand Warm-Ups Using Sixteenth Notes
  • Left-Hand Warm-Ups
  • Technique, Dexterity, and Speed
  • The Spider Exercise
  • The Billy Sheehan Style
  • String-Skipping
  • String-Skipping Using Octaves and Other Large Intervals
  • String Skipping with 10ths
  • The Gallop
  • Playing the Gallop with Three Fingers
  • Accents
  • Gallop Technique on One String
  • Gallop Technique Using Multiple Strings
  • Gallop Technique with String Skipping
  • In the Style of Steve Harris
  • Shredding with a Pick
  • Playing with a Pick
  • Alternate Picking on One String
  • Alternate Picking in Triplets
  • Alternate Picking in Spider Motion
  • Scale-Based Alternate Picking
  • String Skipping with Alternate Picking
  • Extended Fingering
  • Extended Fingering with Chromatic Notes
  • Flight of the Bumblebee
  • Shredding with Slap & Pop
  • The Slap
  • The Pop
  • Slap & Pop Workouts
  • Hammer-Ons and Pull-Offs
  • Hammer-On and Pull-Off Workouts
  • In the Style of Les Claypool
  • Sextuplets
  • Double Thumbing
  • Double Thumbing the Minor Pentatonic Scale
  • Double Thumbing Using Muted Notes
  • Double Thumbing Fretted Triplets
  • Double Thumbing in the Style of Victor Wooten
  • Double Popping
  • In the Style of "Sinister Minister"
  • Shredding with Chords
  • Power Chord and 3rds
  • In the Style of Stanley Clarke
  • School Bass
  • Tapping
  • Classical Tapping Etude
  • Two-Handed Tapping
  • Two-Handed Blues Shredding
  • Conclusion