Olivier Ombredane

Clarissimo – Latin' clarinet ballad' 1

for 1-2 clarinets
Latin ensemble as CD accompaniment

for: 1–2 clarinets

Ensemble score, Playback-CD

Item no.661211
Author/ComposerOlivier Ombredane
Release year2016
Producer No.GB 9590
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Clarissimo – Latin' clarinet ballad' is a collection of original compositions of great rhythmic variety based on a wide array of traditional and popular Latin-American and Caribbean music. These compositions with their swaying rhythms are of great pedagogical interest for student and teacher alike.

In accordance with traditional oral transmission practice, teachers and students are invited to make use of the accompanying CD in order to memorize the music through actice listening, singing etc. Playing along with the playback soundtrack, with / without the written material, will help control and improve perfect sync.

Moreover, singing their part and simultaneously clapping the specific rhythms of the pieces, students have an opportunity to develop their musical abilities beyond mere instrumental technique. Further practice may include stomping the beat as well.

The first two pieces are more particulary intended for beginners. The 2nd part, is more complex and may be performed by a more advanced student or by the teacher. It is also often evocative of the playback rhythm, thus enabling the teacher to accompany the upper voice and express the rhythmic specificity of the piece.


  • Latin Clarinet Ballad
  • San Claro
  • Baili
  • Huaynonino
  • Cactus
  • Amarillo
  • Salsita
  • Balancine
  • Tic Tac
  • Mississipi
  • Chaperon bleu
  • Pal al mucho grande
  • Cristal d'air
  • Reggae Beach
  • Désert
  • Takicalifornia