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“I mean, if you never tried playing an oboe, how do you know you’re not the most talented oboe player ever?” Steven Soderbergh, Film Director

One of the older members of the woodwind family, the oboe is generally made from African blackwood, has a conical bore, and uses a double-reed. Whether you are looking to Learn to Play Oboe, or you are after Concert Repertoire for Oboe, or you are looking to have some fun with some Film Music for Oboe, have a look through our sheet music, tuition books and scores, we are sure you will find something that inspires you.

The successor of the Middle-Eastern Shawm, a loud, brash ’out-door’ instrument with a larger double-reed, which dates back to the first few centuries A.D, the oboe first entered the European music scene in the mid-seventeenth century. It continued to evolve, adding more keys and changing the fingering systems, until the end of the nineteenth century, when two main types of oboe emerged, the Viennese oboe and the French oboe.

The Viennese oboe is slightly wider than the French, it uses a smaller, wider reed, and has a less complex key system. These two oboes were both popular into the twentieth century, but it has been suggested that it was the open support of Richard Strauss that put the French oboe ahead of the Viennese, and it is the French oboe, which uses the Gillet key system, which is the basis for the modern oboes we use today.

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