Reginald Owen Morris (18861948)

Figured harmony at the Keyboard 1

for: Organ [harpsichord]

Music lesson book

Item no.605716
Author/ComposerReginald Owen Morris
Scope64 pages
Publisher/ProducerOxford University Press
Producer No.9780193214712
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  • Common chords in root position
  • First inversions
  • Second inversions
  • Suspensions
  • The chord of the seventh in root position
  • The first inversion of the seventh
  • The remaining inversions of the seventh
  • Accented passing notes: simple ornamentation
  • Major and minor ninths and diminished sevenths
  • The remaining chromatic chords (augmented triad, augmented sixth, Neapolitan sixth)
  • Double and triple suspensions
  • Rests in the bass