Claudio Monteverdi (15671643)

Selva morale et spirituale

Motetti, Hinni, Salve Regina

for: 1-3 Singstimmen, Basso Continuo, teilweise mit 2 Violinen


Item no.661165
Author/ComposerClaudio Monteverdi
EditorUwe Wolf
Scope92 pages; 23 × 32 cm
Release year2016
Publisher/ProducerCarus Verlag
Producer No.CV 27.804/00
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The edition is based on the methods employed in the much acclaimed Carus edition of the Vespers:

  • It contains a detailed foreword with suggestions for notation, scoring and for the liturgical use of individual compositions.
  • For the present edition four of the five surviving printed copies, as well as contemporary manuscript were consulted. Facsimiles illustrate special characteristics of the edition of 1641. A Critical Report makes clear all of the editorial decisions made in the edition.
  • All of the pieces are printed untransposed and using the original note values.
  • All of the pieces are available in single editions with complete performance material.
  • Vocal scores of all works with obbligato instruments facilitate rehearsal.
  • Instrumental parts for collaparte accompaniment of tutti-sections (including text underlay).


  • Sanctorum meritis Primo SV 277 ​Besetzung: Sopran (Chorst.) (Tenor (Chorst.)) , Violine (2), Basso continuo
  • Sanctorum meritis Secondo SV 278 ​Besetzung: Tenor (Chorst.) (Sopran (Chorst.)) , Violine (2), Basso continuo
  • Iste confessor SV 279 ​Besetzung: SS (TT) , Violine (2), Basso continuo
  • Deus tuorum militum SV 280 ​Besetzung: TTB, Violine (2), Basso continuo
  • Salve Regina SV 285 ​Besetzung: Alt (Chorst.), Tenor (Chorst.) (Sopran (Chorst.)) , Bass (Chorst.), Basso continuo
  • Salve Regina SV 283 ​Besetzung: TT, Violine (2), Basso continuo
  • Salve Regina SV 284 ​Besetzung: TT (SS) , Basso continuo
  • Ab aeterno ordinata sum SV 262 ​Besetzung: Bass (Chorst.), Basso continuo
  • Jubilet tota civitas SV 286 ​Besetzung: Sopran (Chorst.), Basso continuo
  • Laudate Dominum in Sanctis SV 287 ​Besetzung: Sopran (Chorst.) (Tenor (Chorst.)) , Basso continuo