Juan Martín (b.1948), Patrick Campbell

Killer Technique – Flamenco Guitar

for: Classical guitar

Study book (with guitar tabs)

Item no.695651
Author/ComposerJuan Martín, Patrick Campbell
Scope20 pages; 22 × 29.5 cm
Release year2013
Publisher/ProducerMel Bay Publications
Producer No.MB30106
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Killer Technique: Flamenco Guitar introduces and explains essential flamenco techniques by virtuoso and best-selling Mel Bay author Juan Martin. The book includes exercises of enduring value, with helpful photos, diagrams and tablature. The material is designed for any experience level.


  • Introduction
  • Symbols
  • Right hand strums (rasgueo)
  • The golpe
  • Apagado
  • Introducing thumb-strokes
  • Multiple-stroke rasgueos
  • The 4-stroke rasgueo
  • The 5-stroke rasgueo
  • Repeated 5-stroke rasgueos
  • The 3-stroke rasgueo
  • The triplet rasgueo
  • Continuous rasgueo
  • Single note playing
  • Picado essentials
  • Left hand essentials
  • Tirando notes in arpeggios
  • Forward arpeggio
  • Thumb techniques
  • Alzapúa
  • Thumb and golpe
  • Developing thumb facility
  • Ligado techniques
  • Two exercises for ligado
  • Ligado in Taranta
  • The flamenco trémolo
  • Some more basic essentials
  • About the author