Jon Laukvik (b.1952)

Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing 2

The Romantic Period

for: Organ

Study book

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Author/ComposerJon Laukvik
Scope344 pages; 19 × 27 cm
Release year2010
Publisher/ProducerCarus Verlag
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Volume 2 presents a detailed interpretation of the organ music of Germany and France between 1800 and 1930. With the Romantic style of composition there arose a change from the technical style of playing, characterized by the differentiated non-legato of the Baroque and Classic eras to a fundamental style of legato playing in the romantic era.

In addition, between 1830 and 1845 the first truly “romantic” organs were constructed, through which their builders [primarily Walcker and Cavaillé-Coll] opened up a completely new sound perspective to organists and composers alike. Jon Laukvik’s Historical Performance Practice in Organ Playing has become a standard work. It isaddressed to organists who wish to integrate the latest knowledge of historical performance practice into their playing today.

The insights of this three-volume series are the result of practical and scholarly research which present to the performer in a detailed, easily understandable form a precise view of the customs and goals of performance in previous eras. These volumes are directed not only to organists, but also to organ teachers who are looking for a guide for use in their instruction.