John LaPorta (19202004)

A Guide to Jazz Improvisation

for Eb instruments
Berklee Guide

for: Alto saxophone (E-flat) [horn]

Music lesson book, playback-CD

Item no.284759
Author/ComposerJohn LaPorta
Scope88 pages
Release year2001
Publisher/ProducerHal Leonard
Producer No.HL50449442
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Many famous musicians have learned to develop their own unique jazz style using Berklee Professor Emeritus John LaPorta's techniques. First published in 1968 and now thoroughly updated and revised, his method provides a practical and intuitive approach to teaching basic jazz improvisation through 12 lessons and an accompanying CD. Features information on jazz theory, rhythm training, performance ear training, and much more.


  • C Pentatonic Scale
  • Legato-Staccato
  • Study
  • Swinging Eight Notes
  • Five Note Scale Exercises
  • Performance - Origin
  • Jazz Staccato Quarter Notes
  • Jazz Staccato Study
  • Lester Young Half Notes
  • Lester Young Half-Notes Study
  • Mixed Articulation Study
  • Performance - L. Y's Domain
  • Blues Notes
  • Blues Notes 2 Studies
  • Evolving Rhythms
  • Performance - I'Ve Got The Blues
  • G Pentatonic Scale And Blues Notes
  • Smear
  • Five Tone Study In G
  • Use Of Blues Notes
  • Evolving Rhythms
  • Evolving Melodies
  • Performance: The Brighter Side
  • Accents On Stong Beats
  • Accents On Weak Beats
  • Performance: Where's Pablo?
  • Accents
  • Rhythm Displacement
  • Cross Fire
  • F Pentatonic Scale And Blues Notes
  • F Pentatonic Study
  • F Blues Study
  • Combined Accents 1
  • Combined Accents 2
  • Rhythm Dispacement
  • Late Corner
  • Melodic Extension
  • Varied Accents
  • Rhythmic Displacement
  • Just Walkin'
  • Varied Melodic Extension
  • Performance: Playmates
  • Combining Two Scale Centers In Eight-Measure Intervals
  • Combining Two Scale Centers In Two-Measure Interval
  • Combining Two Scale Centers
  • D Pentatnoic Scale And Blues Notes
  • Blues Guide Line
  • Melodic Use Of Blues Guide Line
  • Blues Guide-Tone Line
  • Combining Three Scale Centers
  • Performance: G. L. Blues
  • Mixolydian Scale
  • D Mixolydian Study
  • A Mixolydian Scale
  • Calypso Guide Line 1
  • Calypso Guide Line 2
  • Performance: West India Way