Easy Concert Pieces 1

30 Pieces from 5 Centuries
Easy Concert Pieces

for: Descant (soprano) recorder, piano

Piano score, solo part, playback-CD (anthology)

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EditorElisabeth Kretschmann
Levelvery easyeasy
Scope52 pages; 23 × 30.5 cm
Release year2020
Publisher/ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 23043
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The Easy Concert Pieces series has the right pieces ready for the first concerts. Easy to intermediate original compositions and arrangements for descant recorder and piano provide a cross section of the different epochs, from the Renaissance to the modern era. The enclosed CDs contain all pieces as full versions and as piano accompaniment for playing along.Vol. 1 contains short, easy-to-grasp pieces ranging from c' to e'' including the semitones f sharp' and b flat'. The rhythm is simple. Some pieces have only a small ambitus so that this volume can be used as accompanying booklet after even a short period of recorder lessons.


  • A. Krieger: Menuett
  • A. Vivaldi: Allegro aus: Frühling
  • A. Vivaldi: Largo aus: Winter
  • Anonymus: Greensleeves to a Ground
  • Anonymus: Shepherd's Hey
  • G. Mainerio: Tedesca
  • J. Clarke: Prince of Denmark's March
  • J. Fischer: Bourrée
  • J. Haydn: Andante
  • J. Hook: Allegretto
  • J. Krieger: Bourrée
  • J.A. Hasse: Bourrée
  • J.P. Eisel: Paisanne
  • M. Praetorius: Tanz
  • M. Schönmehl: Spaziergang am Meer
  • P. Attaignant: Gaillarde