Classical Music for Children

26 Easy Pieces for Flute and Piano

for: Flute, piano

Music score, Playback-CD

Item no.621764
EditorGerda Koppelkamm-Martini
Levelvery easy
Scope62 pages; 23 × 30.5 cm
Release year2014
Publisher/ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 21169-50
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The volume "Classical Music for Children" provides young flute players with a selection of 26 easy works for lessons and concerts. The selected pieces range from the Baroque era via the Classical period to the Romantic era. Apart from original pieces, the editors have deliberately included easy arrangements of well-known masterpieces as well in order to facilitate access to the classical concert literature.

The pitch range found in the pieces (not higher than e''') can be easily mastered by pupils from the second year of tuition. The collection is particularly suitable to work on various aspects of interpretation and musical performance.The enclosed CD contains all pieces as a complete version (for listening) and as pure piano accompaniment (for playing along).

The "Classical Music for Children" series is also available for violin, clarinet, piano, guitar, and most recently for violoncello as well.


  • M.-A. Charpentier: Prélude
  • J.P. Eisel: Divertimento d-Moll
  • J.P. Eisel: Il Paisanne
  • J. Fischer: Bourrée
  • A. Krieger: Menuett
  • J. Krieger: Bourrée
  • J. Clarke: Prince of Denmark's March
  • J. Clarke: Trumpet Tune
  • A. Vivaldi: Allegro aus "Der Frühling"
  • A. Vivaldi: Largo aus "Der Winter"
  • J.A. Hasse: Bourrée
  • Anonymus: Greensleeves to a Ground
  • C.W. Gluck: Reigen seliger Geister
  • J. Haydn: Andante
  • J. Hook: Allegretto
  • W.A. Mozart: Der Vogelfänger bin ich, ja
  • W.A. Mozart: Das klinget so herrlich
  • F. Kuhlau: The Last Rose of Summer (Thema)
  • T. Böhm: Nel cor più non mi sento (Thema)
  • J. Offenbach: Barcarole
  • W. Popp: Andantino
  • P.A. Genin: Karneval in Venedig (Thema)
  • A. Sullivan: Hornpipe
  • E. MacDowell: To a Wild Rose
  • A. Gretchaninoff: In der Dämmerung
  • E. Satie: Gymnopédie No. 1