Keyboard – Sheet Music, Tuition & Scores

Interested in learning the keyboard? Or looking to expand your repertoire or song bank? We’ve got you covered! Here you will find sheet music, tuition books & scores for players of all ages and stages.

The piano has 88 keys, keyboards however have 49, 61 or 76 keys, are very easily portable, and can make all sorts of different sounds.

The perfect addition to any ensemble, group or band, the keyboard often takes on the lead harmonic role, along with supporting and driving the melodic themes. Similar to the guitar, the keyboard player often reads the melodic line, and/or lyrics, with chords printed above or below, in order to allow freedom to improvise and accompany in whichever manner fits the occasion.

Some keyboards are even equipped with an automatic accompaniment function (automatic harmonies, chords, and/or bass), which allows players of all levels to enjoy accompanying, and making music, right from day one.

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