Orestis Kalampaliki (b.1981)



for: Classical guitar

Music score

Item no.763027
Author/ComposerOrestis Kalampaliki
Scope12 pages; 23 × 31 cm
Release year2020
Publisher/ProducerHenry Lemoine
Producer No.LEM 29528
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This piece, composed in three parts and dedicated to Gabriel Bianco, is inspired by an ancient Greek myth: Arachne was a beautiful and skillful young girl, yet arrogant enough to challenge the goddess Athena into a weaving contest. The contest took place, and the tissue of Arachne was superior, causing the fury of the Goddess, who hit Arachne. The girl then realised that she had committed hybris (excessive pride, arrogance), rushed into her room, weaved a rope and hang herself. The goddess Athena felt pity for her, spared her life, but transformed Arachne into a spider. In this way, she could forever weave beautiful and complex tissues, but only to be constantly destroyed by humans.(Orestis Kalampalikis)


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