Stretta Journal


Dear music lovers, dear music fans!

The word “journal” means both “newspaper” and “diary”. Journalists report daily in newspapers, on radio, television and internet about the news.

Some of you, dear readers, may write in a diary, making notes of important events in your life. We employees of Stretta Music want to go among the journalists as well as the diarists to tell you about our daily life with music.

Music is part of our life not only because we prepare the online shop and send you the sheet music you ordered. Music also determines the life of the Stretta employees in other ways. Our team includes professional musicians and singers, musicologists as well as hobby musicians – and the two graduated conductors take care for the right tuning.

Together with the knowledge of music, our enthusiasm for music is what we want to bring into the journal, and in doing so, we will present the wide world of music in various journalistic formats: field reports, interviews, reviews, declaration of special terms, news, comments, reader questions with your feedback, etc.

We hope to arouse your curiosity about different kinds and styles of music, playing and practicing music. This is why the Stretta Journal might become an important journalistic companion for your musical life? The first issue will be published on 17 March.

With musical regards

your Stretta team

Due to the current situation, the start of the journal has unfortunately been postponed until the end of March. We will keep you up to date!