Johann Nepomuk Hummel (17781837)

Trumpet Concerto in E major

Versions in E major and in E flat major

for: Trumpet, orchestra

Score (Urtext edition)

Item no.561501
Author/ComposerJohann Nepomuk Hummel
EditorMichael Kube
Scope52 pages; 25 × 32 cm
Release year2010
Publisher/ProducerBreitkopf & Härtel
Producer No.PB 15119
39.90 €
Delivery time: 2–3 working days (Germany )
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Just like Joseph Haydn's E flat major concerto Hob VIIe:1 (1796), Hummel's Trumpet Concerto in E major of 1803 was also written for the Viennese soloist Anton Weidinger, who performed on a keyed trumpet that could produce the chromatic tones of an entire scale a unique achievement at that time. The work features unmistakable allusions to Mozart and even has a literal quote from a Cherubini opera in the final movement.

Today, Hummel's concerto, next to the Haydn piece, is considered as THE classical trumpet concerto. It is no doubt thanks to this unique status that the work has been available in a transposition to E flat major since 1957, a version that better suits the B flat trumpet widely used today. The Urtext edition respects this performance-practical aspect: The piano reduction as well as the study score contain both versions. The score and orchestral parts can be obtained in two different editions.


solos: trp – – – timp – str