Freddie Hubbard (19382008)

Hubbard & More

9 Jazz Standards for C, Bb, Eb and bass clef instruments
Alfred Jazz Playalong Series Vol. 5

for: Melody instrument (C/B-flat/E-flat/C low); rhythm group (piano, guitar, bass, drums) ad lib.

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Author/ComposerFreddie Hubbard
Release year2014
Publisher/ProducerAlfred Music
Producer No.ALF 41150
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The Alfred Jazz Play-Along series goes way beyond the other play-alongs. Each volume has parts for C, B-flat, E-flat, and bass clef instruments and includes a sample jazz solo written out for each instrumentalist to listen to, play, and practice. These sample solos are invaluable assets that make learning how to improvise easier.

The innovative, easy-to-use TNT2 Custom Mix software on the accompanying DVD-ROM allows you to slow down or speed up the tempo, mix and customize a demo or play-along track, loop a section for specific practice, and more. Featuring a professional rhythm section and horn player, the demo tracks provide examples of jazz articulation, interpretation, and improvisation. By removing your instrument part from a track mix, you can play along to practice with the rhythm section. In addition, each jazz standard has specific improvisation tips and suggestions.

A corresponding book for rhythm section instruments features piano, bass, and drum parts. This innovative play-along includes:

  • Great jazz standards at a medium-difficulty level
  • Parts for C, B flat, E flat, and bass clef instruments
  • Written-out sample jazz solos to listen to, study, and play along with while you learn to improvise
  • Jazz choruses for soloing opportunities
  • Helpful improvisation tips for each tune
  • TNT2 Custom Mix software on the DVD-ROM featuring an easy-to-use mixer for mixing, looping, and slowing down the demo and play-along tracks
  • An available, corresponding Rhythm Section book with piano, bass, and drum parts to create small group arrangements


  • Crisis
  • Gibraltar
  • Hot House
  • Little B's Poem
  • Night And Day
  • Red Clay
  • 'round Midnight
  • Sky Dive
  • Up Jumped Spring