George Handford (c.15821647)

Ayres 2

With Lute Tablature
English Lute Songs

for: Voice, lute

Music score

Item no.246375
Author/ComposerGeorge Handford
EditorAnthony Rooley
Scope49 pages
Publisher/ProducerStainer & Bell
Producer No.LS22
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  • Breathe out my sighs (D – G)
  • But now I rise (D – G)
  • Daphne, stay oh stay (Dyalogue) (F sharp – G) (G – G) (F – B flat)
  • Flow, flow my tears (C – E)
  • Mall Newberry her repentance (D – D)
  • See oh see sweet Amyntas (Dyalogue) (D – G) (D – G)
  • You watery yssue (C – E)