George Frideric Handel (16851759)


Opera in three acts HWV 33
Bärenreiter Urtext
Hallische Händel-Ausgabe. Serie II Volume 32

for: Soloists, mixed choir, orchestra

Score (Hardcover, Urtext edition)

Item no.765049
Author/ComposerGeorge Frideric Handel
TextAntonio Salvi
EditorDonald Burrows
Scope429 pages; 26 × 33 cm
Release year2008
Producer No.BA 4079
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„Ariodante” was the first work which Handel composed for the Theatre Royal in Covent Garden after his contract with the King’s Theatre, Haymarket ran out in mid-1734. “ „Ariodante” stands out amongst Handel’s opera works by means of its combination of excellent and challenging music coupled with a first-class plot. There is probably no other Handel opera which contains such a wealth of striking and catchy arias as are found in the first act of “ Ariodante ” alone. The three wide-ranging arias composed for the castrato Carestini are amongst the greatest bravura pieces.

The plot is based on an episode in Ariosto’s epic “ Orlando furioso ” (1516). The central event of the drama, the trick with which Duke Polinesso convinces his commander Ariodante that Ginevra is unfaithful, was also used by Shakespeare in “Much Ado About Nothing”.

Detailed instrumentation: Soprano solo (2), Mezzo-soprano solo, Alto solo, Tenor solo, Bass solo, Choir, Orchestra


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  • ​Vorwort
  • ​Editorial Policy
  • ​Preface
  • ​Faksimiles:
  • ​Ouverture, erste Seite des Autographs
  • ​Aria (Nr. 8) "Voli colla sua tromba"
  • ​Aria (Nr. 8) "Voli colla sua tromba"
  • ​Recitativo Atto III Scena VIII "Oh! felice mio core!" und Aria (Nr. 9) "Con l'ali di costanza"
  • ​Recitativo Atto III Scena I "Perfidi! Ion son tradita!"
  • ​Entwürfe für die Tanzsätze für die Spielzeit 1734/35
  • ​Entwürfe für die Tanzsätze für die Spielzeit 1734/35
  • ​Aria (Anhang I, Nr. 19) "Il mio core innamorato"
  • ​Aria (Anhang I, Nr. 19) "Il mio core innamorato"
  • ​Libretto-Druck, London 1735
  • ​Libretto-Druck, London 1736 (Auszüge)
  • ​Text des Hauptteils in deutscher Übersetzung
  • ​Texte der Arien der Anhänge I - IV mit deutscher und englischer Übersetzung / Texts of the additional arias for Appendix I - IV with German and English translations
  • ​Besetzung
  • ​Verzeichnis der Szenen / Index of Scenes
  • ​Partitur von 1735 / Score of 1735
  • ​Ouverture
  • ​Atto primo
  • ​Atto secondo
  • ​Atto terzo
  • ​Anhang I: Fassung der Aufführung von 1736 / Appendix I: Performing version of 1736
  • ​Anhang II: Vor der ersten Aufführung gestrichene oder ersetzte Musik / Appendix II: Music cancelled or replaced before the first performance
  • ​Anhang III: Musik für 1736, die vor der Aufführung gestrichen wurde / Appendix III: Music for 1736, cancelled before performance
  • ​Anhang IV: Verzierte Fassung von Nr. 23 / Appendix IV: Ornamented version of No. 23
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