George Frideric Handel (16851759)


Opera in three acts HWV 31
Bärenreiter Urtext
Halle Handel Edition (HHA). Series II, Volume 28

for: Solo voices, orchestra

Score (Hardcover, Urtext edition)

Item no.765041
Author/ComposerGeorge Frideric Handel
EditorSiegfried Flesch, Terence Best
Scope250 pages; 26.5 × 33 cm
Release year2016
Producer No.BA 4087-01
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Premiered in London in 1733, Handel’s “magic opera” “Orlando” is based on a libretto by Carlo Sigismondo Capeci that derives indirectly from Ludovico Ariosto’s epic poem “Orlando furioso”. This subject was very popular at the time and was frequently set to music, e.g. by Jean-Baptiste Lully, Agostino Steffani and Joseph Haydn. The title role of Orlando is the last one that Handel wrote for the celebrated castrato Senesino. Several stunning stage effects intended to illustrate Zoroastro’s sorcery call for sophisticated baroque stage machinery.

Orchestral scoring: S-solo, 2Mez-solo, A-solo, B-solo / 2,2,0,1 – 2,0,0,0 – Str(3V,2Va) – Bassi(Vc,Violone[Kb],Fag,Erzlaute,Cemb)

Detailed instrumentation: Soprano solo, Mezzo-soprano solo (2), Alto solo, Bass solo, Orchestra


  • ​Zur Edition
  • ​Vorwort
  • ​Editorial Policy
  • ​Preface
  • ​Faksimiles:
  • ​Accompagnato (Nr.7) "Quanto diletto avea", Beginn
  • ​Recitativo "M'hai vinto al fin", Recitativo "Spera, mio ben"
  • ​Aria (Nr. 12) "Se'l cor mai ti dirà", Beginn
  • ​Duetto e Recitativo (Nr. 27) "Unisca Amor in noi", Schluss, Aria (Nr. 28) "Già lo stringo", Beginn
  • ​Aria (Nr. 28) "Già lo stringo", Schluss, Recitativo "Di Dorinda all' albergo"
  • ​Accompagnato e Recitativo (Nr. 1) "Gieroglifici eterni", Beginn
  • ​Libretto-Druck, London 1732 (1733)
  • ​Text der Oper in deutscher Übersetzung
  • ​Besetzung
  • ​Verzeichnis der Szenen
  • Orlando HWV 31. Oper in drei Akten:
    ​Händel, Georg Friedrich
    ​Besetzung: Sopran solo, Mezzosoprane solo (2), Alt solo, Bass solo, Orchester
  • ​Ouverture
  • ​Allegro
  • ​Atto primo
  • ​Atto secondo
  • ​Atto terzo
  • ​Kritischer Bericht:
  • ​Abbeviations
  • ​Library sigla
  • ​Sources
  • ​1. Librettos
  • ​2. Musical sources
  • ​Stemma
  • ​The presentation of the score
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