Heyens, Gudrun

Advanced Recorder Technique

Finger and Tongue Technique
Vol. 1
Volume 1 (Lehrmaterial) (Teaching material)

for: Recorder


Item no.155347
Author/ComposerHeyens, Gudrun
Scope81 pages; 23 × 30 cm
Release year2005
Publisher/ProducerSchott Music
Producer No.ED 9761
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This technical volume is addressed to advanced treble recorder players looking for repertoire that is suited for consistent work on the foundations of their instrumental and musical abilities. In accordance with the original literature for the treble recorder, the exercises are mainly tailored to this instrument. Some technical chapters can be practised on both the treble and descant recorder (with transposed fingering). The term 'technical' must not be misunderstood here: ultimately, the exercises aim at artistic expression, emotion, and tonal interpretation.



    1. Finger Movements
    1. Articulation
    1. Scales/Arpeggios/Chromatic Scales
  • Notes regarding the exercises
  • F maj/D min; B flat maj/G min
  • E flat maj/C min; A flat maj/F min
  • G flat maj/E flat min; C maj/A min
  • G maj/E min; D maj/B min
  • A maj/F sharp min; E maj/C sharp min
  • B maj/G sharp min
  • F sharp maj/D sharp min
  • Mixing the scales
    1. Scales and Arpeggios in chromatic sequence
    1. Scales in Thirds
    1. Smooth Double Tonguing
  • Exercises
  • Repertoire example (van Eyck)
    1. Virtuoso Technique in all Keys
  • About practising Exercises in all keys
    1. Broken Chords
  • Patterns
  • Repertoire examples (Vivaldi)
  • 9.Trills
  • Trill patterns Repertoire examples
    1. Finger Vibrato (flattement)
  • Fingering charts
  • Exercises
  • Repertoire examples (Philidor)
    1. Double Tonguing with "did'H"
  • Repertoire examples (van Eyck)
  • Fingering Chart