Friedemann Graef (b.1949)

Golden Soundscape

for Ensemble of Saxophones of variable line up
Spacial actions for 2 chosen Soloists

for: 3–24 saxophones

6 playing scores

Item no.693196
Author/ComposerFriedemann Graef
Scope9 pages (Score); 21 × 29.5 cm
Year of origin1994
Release year2019
Publisher/ProducerChili Notes
Producer No.CHIL5061
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The composition Golden Soundscape by Friedemann Graef is supposed to create a magnificent vibrant soundband. The pulse first moves in 4/4 time. Through figures with eighth notes of odd number, the pulse is supposed to shift unpredictably and superimpose, so that results in a quasi 1/8 beat.

The performance of the piece needs a conductor or a player who shows dynamics and sets the pace for some parts. While some passages in the rhythmic interaction work quite conventionally, in the minimalistic parts self-initiative is required. How often the figure is repeated in a box and when it progresses to the next is the individual decision of each individual instrumentalist.

Consisting of 3 ensemble scores á 3 instruments for eb and bb saxophones each.

The pulse must always remain constant, even when pausing. This kind of interaction is like driving all at once: nobody pushes or slow down, everyone drives together.