Kurt Gäble (b.1953)

Nova Vita

Sample score

Neues Leben

for: Concert band

Score, Parts

Item no.678198
Author/ComposerKurt Gäble
Dimensions21 × 29.5 cm
Duration11 minutes
Release year2002
Publisher/ProducerMusikverlag RUNDEL
Producer No.MVSR 2048
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In "Nova Vita" Kurt Gäble deals with today's living conditions - and from his point of view shows a perspective for the future. An important piece of wind music with a statement, but without raised forefinger.

In the first part, "Sehnsucht" (Adagio), the composer looks at man's longing for happiness, contentment and a meaningful life. He then highlights the limitations of human life, which are manifested in man's longing and constant urge to rise. The second part is contrasting to this "Kindlich unbekümmert" (Allegretto grazioso). The music grows up from the small (in the woodwinds) to the big (tutti). Dancing 3 and 6 beat illustrate the lightness, the change of time signature the amusement in the life of a child. The third part "Lebenskampf" (Moderato appassionato/con fuoco/Maestoso) shows the driven person, whose life becomes more and more restless and hectic and who is subject to a constant flood of stimuli. An almost mask-like laugh stands for a life greedy according to desire. The following part "Omnes gentes plaudite" (Allegro grazioso) forms an abrupt change. Sung chorales convey peace, contemplation and orientation as antipodes to the previous hectic pace. The fifth part, "Frühlingstanz" (Allegro vivo), offers the view, which is characterized by dance-like, original cheerfulness. Here the composer specifically uses elements of Irish music. Surveys have shown that the poorest country in Europe is home to the most satisfied people. "Nova Vita" ends with the initial motive and final theme flowing into each other and connecting.


  • Sehnsucht
  • Kindlich unbekümmert
  • Lebenskampf
  • Omnes gentes plaudite
  • Frühlingstanz