Giles Farnaby (c.15631640)

Canzonets to Foure Voyces

The English Madrigalists 20

for: 4 voices [instruments]


Item no.771332
Author/ComposerGiles Farnaby
EditorEdmund Fellowes, Thurston Dart
Year of origin1598
Publisher/ProducerStainer & Bell
Producer No.EM20
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Remembered chiefly for his virginal music, this always fresh and charming composer – who was probably an instrument maker by trade – may well have penned these pieces simply for the enjoyment of his London friends living in the wards of Bishopsgate and Cripplegate. His experience as a keyboard player may have led him to some chromatic vocal writing, particularly in the admirable Construe my meaning, rivalling strangenesses in the work of his Italian contemporary, Gesualdo.


  • Among the daffadillies (SSAB)
  • Ay me, poor heart (SATB)
  • Blind Love was shooting (SSAB)
  • Carters, now cast down (SAT (or A) B)
  • Construe my meaning (SATB)
  • Daphne on the rainbow (SSA (or T) T (or B))
  • Lady, the silly flea (SATB)
  • Lady, when I behold your passions (SSA (or T) B)
  • Love shooting among many (SSAB)
  • Love shooting at another (SSA (or T) B)
  • My Lady’’s coloured cheeks (SAT (or A) B)
  • Pearce did dance with Petronella (SAT (or A) B)
  • Pearce did love fair Petronella (SAAB)
  • Phillida bewailed (SAT (or A) B)
  • Simkin said that Sis was fair (SSAB (or T))
  • Some time she would (SATB)
  • Susanna fair (SSTB)
  • The curtain drawn (SATB)
  • The wavering planet (SSAB (or T))
  • Thrice blessed be the giver (SSAB (or T))
  • Witness, ye heavens (SSS (or A) AAT (or B) BB)