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Shostakovich Studies 1

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Few composers' posthumous reputations have grown as steadily as Shostakovich's. Yet outside the concert hall the focus of attention seems to have been on the extraordinary circumstances of his life rather than on the music itself. This book seeks to show that the power of his work stems as much from its craftsmanship as from its political and personal context. The theoretical chapters lay the foundation for a proper understanding of Shostakovich's musical language for the first time in the West. The social context is not neglected, however, and alongside many new insights spread through the book, a substantial and provocative chapter considers the issues surrounding the composition of the Fifth Symphony. The eleven essays in the volume draw together some of the finest scholars of Russian music in Europe, Russia and America.

  • A full account of theoretical issues in Shostakovich's music published outside of Russia
  • Also provides penetrating discussion of idology and reception of Shostakovich's central works
  • International authorship - British, American, Russian and German


  • Acknowledgements
  • 1 Introduction: talking about eggs: musicology and Shostakovich David Fanning
  • 2 Public lies and unspeakable truth: interpreting Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony Richard Taruskin
  • 3 Form in Shostakovich's instrumental works Yuriy Kholopov
  • 4 Russian theorists on modality in Shostakovich's music Ellon D Carpenter
  • 5The cycle of structure and the cycle of meaning: the Piano Trio in E Minor, Op 67 Patrick McCreless
  • 6 Leitmotif in Lady Macbeth David Fanning
  • 7 From Lady Macbeth to Katerina: Shostakovich's versions and revisions Laurel E Fay
  • 8 The Golden Age: the true story of the première Manashir Yakubov
  • 9 'And art made tongue-tied by authority': Shostakovich's song-cycles Dorothea Redepenning
  • 10 A debt repaid? Some observations on Shostakovich and his late-period recognition of Britten Eric Roseberry
  • 11 Shostakovich and Schnittke: the erosion of symphonic syntax Alexander Ivashkin
  • Index