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Antonín Dvořák (18411904)

Songs II

Three Modern Greek Poems
Bärenreiter Urtext

forVoice (low), piano
Musical EditionsMusic score (Urtext edition)
Item no.668583
Author/ComposerAntonín Dvořák
EditorVeronika Vejvodova
Languagesgerman, english, czech
Scope137 pages; 23 × 30 cm
Release year2017
Producer No.BA 11518


Following the publication of Dvorák’s early set of love songs “Cypresses”, all his other songs with piano accompaniment are now appearing in Urtext editions.

“Songs II” includes the mature works from Dvorák’s late period. Besides the well-known cycle “Love Songs” and the less well-known cycle “Three Modern Greek Songs”, the volume also contains some entirely unknown and previously unpublished pieces: “Lullaby” and the posthumously published “Song from The Smith of Lešetín” completed by Josef Suk.

The songs are presented in chronological order in volumes for high and low voice. Each volume contains the vocal text underlaid in three languages (Cz/Eng/Ger). For the most part the translations have been taken from the first edition.


  • Tri novorecke b sne
  • Three Modern Greek Poems Op.50 B 84b [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • I. Koljas
  • Klepht Song) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • II. Nereidy (balada)
  • Nereids (Ballad) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • III. Zalozpev Pargy (p¡sen hrdinn )
  • Parga's Lament (Heroic Song) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • P¡sne na slova Gustava Pflegra-Moravskeho
  • Songs to Words by Gustav Pfleger-Moravsky Op.2 B 123-124 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • I. Vy, vrouc¡ p¡sne, pejte
  • Sing Fervent Songs [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • II. O, byl to kr sny, zlaty sen
  • Oh! What a Perfect Golden Dream [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • III. Me srdce casto v bolesti
  • Downcast am I [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • IV. Na hor ch ticho, v udol¡ ticho
  • Everything's Still in Valley and Mountain [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • Dve p¡sne na lidove texty
  • Two Songs on Folk Poems Op.B 142 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • I. Ukolebavka
  • Lullaby [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • II. Prek zka v poboznosti
  • A Hindrance to Devotion [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • V n rodn¡m tonu
  • In Folk Tone Op.73 B 146 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • I. Dobru noc (slovensk )
  • Good Night (Slovak) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • II. Zalo dievca, zalo tr vu (slovensk )
  • The Mower (Slovak) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • III. Ach, nen¡ tu (cesk )
  • Maiden's Lament (Czech) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • IV. Ej, m m j kona faku (slovensk )
  • Loved and Lost (Slovak) [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • Ctyri p¡sne
  • Four Songs Op.82 B 157 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • I. Kez duch muj s m
  • Leave Me Alone [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • II. Pri vys¡v n¡
  • Over Her Embroidery [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • III. Jaro
  • Spring-tide [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • IV. U potoka
  • At the Brook [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • P¡sne milostne
  • Love Songs Op.83 B 160 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • I. O, nas¡ l sce nekvete
  • Never Will Love Lead Us to that Glad Goal [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • II. V tak mnohem srdci mrtvo jest
  • Death Reigns in Many a Human Breast [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • III. Kol domu se ted pot c¡m
  • I Wander Oft Past Yonder House [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • IV. J v¡m, ze v sladke nadeji
  • I Know That on My Love to Thee [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • V. Nad krajem vevod¡ lehky sp nek
  • Nature Lies Peaceful in Slumber and Dreaming [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • VI. Zde v lese u potoka
  • In the Deepest Forest Glade I Stand [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • VII. V te sladke moci oc¡ tvych
  • When Thy Sweet Glances on Me Fall [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • VIII. O, duse drah , jedink
  • Thou Only, Dear One [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • Ukolebavka
  • Lullaby Op.B 194 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]
  • Zpev z Leset¡nskeho kov re
  • "Song from ""The Smith of Leset¡n"" Op.posth. B 204 [Dvor k, Anton¡n]"
  • Appendix P¡sne na slova Gustava Pflegra-Moravskeho
  • III. Kol domu se ted pot c¡m (prvn¡ verze p¡sne c. 3 z P¡sn¡ milostnych)
  • "I Wander Oft Past Yonder House (First version of song No. 3 from ""Love songs"") [Dvor k, Anton¡n]"
  • IV. O, nas¡ l sce nekvete (prvn¡ verze p¡sne c. 4 z P¡sn¡ milostnych)
  • "Never Will Love Lead Us to that Glad Goal (First version of song No. 3 from""Love songs"") [Dvor k, Anton¡n]"
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